All the wonderful volunteers of Promises Animal Rescue help to save beautiful dogs from dying alone and frightened in animal shelters and to place these dogs into loving homes. By joining the Promises volunteer team, you can make a difference in a Dog's life. We cherish our wonderful volunteers because they enable us to save the lives of our dogs. You can help us by:

Open Your Home to a Dog by Becoming a Foster

How rewarding is this? Seeing that face of “Thanks” from a dog that was pulled from the shelter not knowing why they were there or if their number is up, then seeing how much they blossom into that wonderful loving companion. A foster home is a safe, positive, warm, loving home that will show the basic commands, help work out any issues, letting them know that there will always be food and water for them. The rescue will provide all veterinary care, donated food when available. You are the voice helping them find their next forever home by participating in meet and greets. Fostering is one of the most rewarding parts of volunteering, if you are interested in fostering, please fill out the FOSTER APPLICATION or contact us at info@promisesanimalrescue.org

Types of foster homes

  1. Foster home until forever home is found
  2. Emergency Foster home temporary for up to 2 weeks until foster home can be found
  3. Special Needs Foster home
  4. Temporary stay while foster parent is on vacation etc.

Staff and Organize Adoption Days

Join us at adoption events where we show our available foster dogs. We need assistance at every event in table set up and tear-down; transporting dogs to/from these events; holding dogs; and talking with the public about our rescue and our dogs.

Transport Dogs

Help to transport our foster dogs from the shelter to their foster homes; to/from the vet; to/from the groomer and to/from adoption and special events.